We pride ourselves on providing the best products and customer service to our clients. We can protect your home, business and vehicles while also offering a better piece of mind. We choose to partner with a company that has advanced the disinfectant and sanitizing process. We have services for your specific needs and products for you to take home for daily disinfecting. The innovative clean that Purteq has developed allows us to have a continuous defense against the germs of the world around us. Our products and services are people and pet safe, botanicals and are mineral derived with no harsh chemicals. Our micro-spray service leaves a light fresh scent that is safe for people to be around.  Each service is custom to every customer's specific needs and goals. We look forward to providing you a free custom quote for your disinfecting needs.



We are able to micro-spray our Fresch disinfectant and then our Prevnt to keep your home, business, and vehicles protected for 90 days!

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